Thursday, 13 August 2009

2 Bee Games Comp

2 Bee Games Are currently doing a competition with a different theme each week for 8 weeks. It is all for pixel art and week 2 had the theme of 'The Villain' so I thought I'd have a go at some pixel art in paint. You had to come up with a name and a back story for your character, so this was my entry:

Evil Ed the Undead Doomsday Head.

Ed used to work at a retail shoe shop till he had an unfortunate accident involving a stiletto contaminated with a mild strain of a zombie virus that left him without an eye. The virus spread slowly and over time he gradually lost more limbs. Before they all fell off Ed travelled to Taiwan and acquired the necessary parts to build a machine that would carry what was left of his body. So using only his tongue and the three remaining toes he had left, Ed built the robotic/mechanical devise that he now uses. Due to an inability to use his TV remote to change the channel on his TV to a station that doesn't continuously play re-runs of shows he has already seen and the fact that he can no longer cuddle his pet cat Toby, he has become increasingly bitter. Because of this he has become the evil and twisted villain we all know today!

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Ash Collins said...

rofl i was actually giggling as i read that

excellent work sir, but it needs a much larger image!