Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bull Fight

A while back I did a few drawings with a Spanish theme. A Spanish dancer, a bull and a bull fighter or matador if you want to use the correct name. They have been left in my pile of random sketches until recently since I have acquired a scanner and I have been able to give them a new lease of life, well the bull and the matador anyway.

I scanned the pictures and have combined the bull and fighter into one picture, adding a quick background and giving the characters a paint job in Photoshop.

So here is the final image along with the original drawings + the dancer who I may or may not colour up later.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I have recently been going through the list of Film 4's 'Films to see before you die' ( While I have found some to be okay I have come across one called 'Brazil' which is absolutely fantastic and has instantly become one of my favourite films. It is written and directed by Terry Gilliam (Tom Stoppard also co wrote the script) and if your familiar with Gilliam's work you'll know what to expect from this film.

It stars a young Jonathan Pryce (aka the villain from the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies) as a lowly administration worker in a world obsessed with filling out forms for anything and everything. He tries to correct an admin error but instead ends up being accused of being a terrorist.

It has a great cast with some really brilliant cameos from the likes of Bob Hoskins and Robert De Niro. The sound track fits so well, you might even recognise the main theme which a little rubbish clearing robot called Wall-E has used recently.

I don't want to say too much more because I watched the film knowing nothing about it which I find is usually the best thing to do with films and I just don't want to spoil it.

Anyway I would probably advise you not to watch the trailer I'm adding below but I know some people like to see trailers before they can get interested in seeing a film so I've added it anyway. So if you can hold off from watching the trailer then that's great, but whatever you do go and see this film. It's probably not to everyones taste but it's definitely worth watching anyway.

Go watch and enjoy.

Zombie Nation

Last October I got into the Halloween mood and decided to draw a few zombies, lets face it they are better than witches and ghosts. So since I finally have a scanner I thought I'd show the pencil drawings here.
I'm planning on colouring them at some point soon which I'll post here as and when they get done.
So for all you zombie lovers out there, enjoy!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Da Kappo (The Beginning)

I always find the hardest part of doing anything like this is the start. Like any great film or book it needs to have a good beginning, so at this point I'm pretty stumped. I know the kind of things I want to put on my blog later on but I have no idea what to put in my first post. I was thinking of putting some sketches I have done recently but I'd rather save them for another post, no this one has to be a little bit special.
I wanted to start a blog to compliment my website (watch for the obvious plug) so I can not only put my finished work on the web but to also be able to put some less finished sketches, doodles other bits and bobs I do when I get a spare few moments. I also wanted a space where I can share some other artists, films and books etc. that I have seen and to let other people know about them.
So I know that this first post is nothing special or great but at least you have some idea about what I'm trying to do here and I've made that all important start. Hopefully I'll be able to post frequently enough that no one will come down to the beginning and be able to say "That blog has a rubbish begining" and if they do then hopefully they'll say "That blog has a rubbish beginning but look at how amazing it is now".