Monday, 5 January 2009

Da Kappo (The Beginning)

I always find the hardest part of doing anything like this is the start. Like any great film or book it needs to have a good beginning, so at this point I'm pretty stumped. I know the kind of things I want to put on my blog later on but I have no idea what to put in my first post. I was thinking of putting some sketches I have done recently but I'd rather save them for another post, no this one has to be a little bit special.
I wanted to start a blog to compliment my website (watch for the obvious plug) so I can not only put my finished work on the web but to also be able to put some less finished sketches, doodles other bits and bobs I do when I get a spare few moments. I also wanted a space where I can share some other artists, films and books etc. that I have seen and to let other people know about them.
So I know that this first post is nothing special or great but at least you have some idea about what I'm trying to do here and I've made that all important start. Hopefully I'll be able to post frequently enough that no one will come down to the beginning and be able to say "That blog has a rubbish begining" and if they do then hopefully they'll say "That blog has a rubbish beginning but look at how amazing it is now".

1 comment:

Wesley Riot said...

surely it's 'da Capo'? (as in da capo al fine, da capo al signo?)

anyway, welcome to blogspot!